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Songs of desires

Songs of desires is a collection of poems, mostly written in 2010, and which I have posted on my blog. I have to document them lest I might delete all of them in a fit. Even if I throw some tantrum and burn the print-out, I’m sure I’ll have them on the net now. But I know I’ll not delete them from the blog as well as burn them down—I’m not that impulsive. I still regret shredding my journals in the past out of sheer ignorance and annoyance before posting online or putting the copies up somewhere.
When I write I’m too political at times. Poetry, though, is not my area of expertise. I’m only more adept in establishing nonconformitive thoughts and finding ways to live normal with them. In a way, I’m just a normal guy in a normal life with a normal day-time job. When I look around, longing to see some sense why we are here, living on this planet—everything is so fucked up outside my ‘self’, which really disturbs my inside. This egocentrism is perhaps killing the spirit of conformity. However, nothing can kill my desire to express.

And so here it is: the Songs of Desires that I want to sing all along. Though our bondage has broken the tempo, the bombs and bullets make the numbers out of tune, and the absurdities been strumming a-failure all over them. [Should I just whistle …freeedommm…?] I would also add that these Songs are not all about politics—that is, I’m just too idealistic and not a fanatic. You can find some poems on several other themes, and as mentioned above, I’m just a rookie flirting with different styles like haiku and prose poetry.